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An Independent Prosecutor for Change

“As a former federal prosecutor, U.S. Assistant Attorney General, and LA Ethics Commission President, I will be ready on Day 1 to remove politics from prosecutorial decisions and restore independence, honesty, and integrity to prevent crime, protect public safety, and ensure justice is served to all LA County residents.”


An Independent Prosecutor for Change

“As a former federal prosecutor, U.S. Assistant Attorney General, and LA Ethics Commission President, I will be ready on Day 1 to remove politics from prosecutorial decisions and restore independence, honesty, and integrity to prevent crime, protect public safety, and ensure justice is served to all LA County residents.”

It’s time to restore public safety in Los Angeles County.

Vote November 5, 2024 for Nathan Hochman as Los Angeles County District Attorney.


I’m running for District Attorney because I love Los Angeles County. I am a lifelong Angeleno. I was born here, raised and schooled here, met my wife here, and raised my three children in the City of the Angels. Like millions of Angelenos who love this place, I am shocked and disappointed at how our public safety has seriously worsened over the last three years under current DA George Gascon. I am prepared to fight to restore it. I will fairly enforce the laws and make public safety the number one priority of the office. My Blueprint for Justice describes the actions I will take from Day 1 to restore public safety in Los Angeles County.


Hochman Signature

My Blueprint for Justice will:


  • Restore the purpose of the District Attorney’s Office [read more]


  • Restore the integrity and independence of the District Attorney [read more]


  • Restore the trust in the District Attorney [read more]


  • Restore the partnership between law enforcement and the District Attorney’s Office [read more]


  • Restore the priority of protecting victims’ interests [read more]


  • Restore opportunities for rehabilitation for those who suffer from mental illness and/or drug addiction [read more]


  • Restore opportunities for those who go to prison. [read more]
Read more details of the Blueprint for Justice including Nathan’s positions on a variety of important issues including retail theft, reproductive rights and environmental crimes.

Meet Nathan Hochman

Nathan Hochman is a lifelong Angelino. He was born, grew up, went to school, met his wife Vivienne, and raised their three children — all in Los Angeles. Nathan has been an avid Los Angeles sports fan and a passionate supporter of everything LA, from arts and entertainment to small business and community groups throughout LA County.


Public service is in Nathan’s DNA. His father served as an Air Force Captain before serving as a federal prosecutor and leader of charitable organizations. His mother was a trailblazer her whole life, running community and non-profit groups.


After graduating magna cum laude from Brown University, earning his law degree from Stanford Law School, and clerking for a federal judge, Nathan followed in his father’s footsteps and served as an Assistant US Attorney for the Central District of California.



Working in the Criminal Division as an Assistant US Attorney, Nathan personally prosecuted over a hundred cases, from violent gang members and narcotics traffickers to corrupt public officials, money launderers, and tax evaders. Nathan ran the Environmental Crimes Section targeting air, water, and land polluters.


In the 1990s, when California was ravaged by fires, floods, and a massive earthquake, Nathan formed and spearheaded the Los Angeles Disaster Fraud Task Force. That Task Force went after financial predators who stole relief dollars intended for those most in need. Leading 15 federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, Nathan personally brought more than 70 prosecutions and recovered millions of dollars for victims.

Hochman and LAPD
Nathan will be a partner to law enforcement to bring safety back to LA County.


From 2007 to 2009, Nathan once again answered the call to service and was nominated by the White House to serve as an Assistant Attorney General of the United States overseeing the Department of Justice’s Tax Division.


After unanimous confirmation by the U.S. Senate, Nathan led a team of more than 350 civil, criminal, and appellate lawyers, bringing cases in all 50 states.


When he returned to California, Nathan continued to fight against corruption as a commissioner and president of the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission, where he held city leaders accountable for their actions.

Nathan will bring balance back to our justice system.


As an attorney and general counsel in private practice, Nathan has earned a reputation as one of the nation’s leading criminal justice defense and tax lawyers. For more than two decades, Nathan has represented victims of crimes and defended the constitutional rights of individuals and organizations against governmental overreach.


Nathan holds the unique position and balanced perspective of having served on all sides of the courtroom: as a judge’s law clerk, a prosecutor, and defense attorney.

Nathan will prioritize compassionate solutions to get people off the streets.


Outside of the courtroom, Nathan has given back as a dedicated community leader and volunteer. Nathan has served on numerous charitable boards, including those of the Cedars Sinai Medical Center, the American Jewish University, and the Los Angeles Jewish Community Relations Committee.


Nathan has also worked with the American Wheelchair Mission, personally delivering with his family over 1,000 wheelchairs to those in need in this country and throughout four continents.


For his long career serving the public’s interests, Nathan has been awarded the Attorney General’s Medal, the IRS’ Chief Counsel Award, the Inspector General’s Award of Excellence, the US Department of Justice Director’s Award for Superior Performance, and the Los Angeles Jewish Federation’s Bruce I. Hochman Maimonides Torch of Justice Award.

Nathan at Rubens
Nathan Hochman is a dedicated community leader.

Stay Informed

    How You Can Help

    Violent crime is on the rise in California due to early release policies that have let criminals off the hook. As LA County District Attorney, Nathan will be a leader in keeping our families, businesses, and communities safe.


    If you’re passionate about defeating George Gascón, we invite you to volunteer to get our message out across the county. Whether it’s helping distribute campaign materials at a community event, organizing your own event, or engaging with your neighbors, your help will play a crucial role in spreading our message.


    We also invite you to display our campaign’s yard sign to get the message out in your neighborhood. If you’d like to show your support and help us increase our visibility, we’d be thrilled to get you a yard sign for your home. Yard signs will be distributed starting in August.

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    “Nathan Hochman is one of the nation’s most experienced prosecutors and criminal justice attorneys. He has a long and distinguished record of bringing criminals to justice and fighting public corruption. The current DA is a failure in virtually all respects. I know what it takes to lead the largest local prosecution office in the United States, and Nathan Hochman is the best candidate to restore honesty, integrity, professionalism, and independence to the role of District Attorney in Los Angeles County.”
    “I am endorsing Nathan Hochman for District Attorney because I feel a lot less safe than I did four years ago. It’s time to thank and excuse the current district attorney and elect someone with a conscience. Please join me and vote for Nathan Hochman for District Attorney.”
    L.A. County District Attorney Jackie Lacey