Nathan Hochman Endorsed by Association of Deputy District Attorneys - Nathan Hochman
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Nathan Hochman Endorsed by Association of Deputy District Attorneys

Nathan Hochman Endorsed by Association of Deputy District Attorneys

DA Gascon’s Own Deputy District Attorneys’ Association Rejects Gascon and Backs Hochman

LOS ANGELES / March 21, 2024 – Nathan Hochman, the front-runner in the campaign for L.A. County District Attorney, announced today that he has received the endorsement of the Association of Deputy District Attorneys – another indication that George Gascon’s own prosecutors want him removed from office.

Hochman, a former federal prosecutor, U.S. Assistant Attorney General, President of the L.A. City Ethics Commission and criminal defense attorney, said the ADDA’s support is important because he views the wisdom and experience of line prosecutors as the office’s greatest asset.

“I’m extremely proud that the ADDA has voted to endorse me over their boss, George Gascon, who has recklessly and repeatedly trampled on their rights, retaliated against prosecutors who questioned his dangerous pro-criminal policies and prevented these hard-working prosecutors from fully advocating for victims,” Hochman said. “When I am elected, I will work tirelessly to support our County’s talented prosecutors, rebuild our office’s relationship with law enforcement, restore public safety and send a message to criminals that there will be consequences for their actions.”

Michele Hanisee, President of the ADDA, said: “The ADDA believes that Nathan Hochman is the best candidate to support a pro-labor workplace agenda and to foster a constructive, open and collaborative relationship with the ADDA and its members.  We appreciate his commitment to the work done by our prosecutors and look forward to building a positive working relationship that benefits our members and the public.”

That’s a far cry from ADDA’s experience with Gascon. In his first day in office in 2020, Gascon implemented nine policy directives that greatly limited the sentences prosecutors could seek, prohibited the filing of many sentencing enhancements and prevented deputy district attorneys from attending parole hearings for murderers sentenced to life in prison. Prosecutors who questioned or criticized Gascon’s policies were unjustly disciplined, leading to a series of employment lawsuits that have already cost Los Angeles County taxpayers millions of dollars.

When these policies became public and were followed by a significant increase in violent and property crimes, an effort to recall Gascon from office was initiated. Some 97.8% of prosecutors voted to support Gascon’s recall – an unprecedented rebuke of a sitting district attorney.

“If he were CEO of a public company and 98% of his workforce approved a no-confidence vote, he would either resign or be removed by the Board of Directors,” Hochman said. “In a Democracy, he can be removed by voters – and I along with the ADDA board look forward to that day.”

The ADDA support follows earlier endorsements of Hochman by former three-term L.A. County D.A. Steve Cooley; Michael Harris, Co-Founder of Death Row Records; Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris; former L.A. Police Commissioner Steve Soboroff; former federal judge and prosecutor Stephen Larson; and five former U.S. Attorneys for Los Angeles.