Los Angeles County District Attorney Candidates Debate 2024 - Nathan Hochman
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Los Angeles County District Attorney Candidates Debate 2024

Los Angeles County District Attorney Candidates Debate 2024

Los Angeles County District Attorney Candidates Debate 2024

Los Angeles Magazine hosted a DA Debate on Thursday night. I appreciated the opportunity to show viewers how I am everything that Gascon is not: An experienced prosecutor who as District Attorney will protect the public and hold criminals accountable for their actions. Gascon was exposed to the public as an unqualified politician motivated by a radical ideology who has no business leading the largest local prosecuting agency in the West. He was relentlessly attacked about his destructive policies and had no defense. As DA, I have a clear plan to improve public safety in all of L.A. County.

The first question asked candidates to explain what separates them from the field. I highlighted my 34 years of criminal justice experience, unlike Gascon who has never prosecuted a case.

Another difference: “I’m the only person running as an independent to take politics out of the District Attorney’s Office that George Gascon brought there.”

Gascon was relentlessly attacked about his support of Prop. 47 and failing to prosecute many misdemeanors. Gascon has failed miserably at prosecuting property crimes. “He symbolizes the opposite of going after organized retail crime.” Gascon co-authored Prop. 47, which has become “A License To Steal for Juveniles.” I will work to amend Prop. 47 as the next DA of Los Angeles.

We were asked about homelessness, and what steps the DA office will take under my leadership. As I describe in my Blueprint for Justice, I would be an active partner with Law Enforcement and the CARE Courts.

Not surprisingly, Gascon defended his appointment of police-hater Tiffiny Blacknell as Chief of Staff and did not take issue with her description of law enforcement as “barbarians” and an “occupying army.” This appointment is deeply offensive and sends the wrong message to law enforcement officers, who risk their lives to keep us safe.

As Los Angeles County District Attorney, I will be a leader in keeping our families, businesses, and communities safe. If you’re passionate about defeating George Gascón, we invite you to join our campaign and get our message out across the county.