More Than 50 Local Elected Leaders Endorse Nathan Hochman for LA County District Attorney - Nathan Hochman
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More Than 50 Local Elected Leaders Endorse Nathan Hochman for LA County District Attorney

More Than 50 Local Elected Leaders Endorse Nathan Hochman for LA County District Attorney

The rapidly growing bipartisan coalition supporting Nathan Hochman represent cities from across the LA region

LOS ANGELES / June 10, 2024 – More than 50 elected leaders from throughout Los Angeles County have endorsed Nathan Hochman for L.A. County District Attorney, as momentum continues to build for his campaign.

The bipartisan endorsements of mayors, councilmembers and other leaders from throughout the geographically and politically diverse county are a sign of growing frustration with incumbent D.A. George Gascon’s lenient policies that have fueled an increase in crime.

Here are the words of some of those endorsing Hochman:

Whittier Mayor Joe Vinatieri: “I’m endorsing Nathan Hochman for District Attorney because he will make keeping the public safe his top priority. He will restore following the law, instead of picking and choosing which crimes to prosecute. We can’t afford four more years of George Gascon, who prioritizes criminals over victims.”

Diamond Bar City Councilmember Steve Tye: “Last year, I made a motion to have a vote of no confidence in George Gascon; the vote was unanimous. I’m endorsing Nathan Hochman for District Attorney because I’m certain he’ll make public safety his top priority. I don’t want four more years of George Gascon, who cares more about criminals than their victims.”

Glendora City Councilmember Michael Allawos: “We now have an opportunity to bring back public trust, safety, civility and the rule of law that keeps our friends and family safe. This is why I’m endorsing Nathan Hochman for the County of Los Angeles District Attorney.”

Glendora City Councilmember Gary Boyer: “Our law enforcement professionals put their lives on the line every day to protect you and I, and it’s important that they know they have the support of the county District Attorney, and right now I don’t believe they have that. For that reason, I think it’s of the utmost importance that we make a change in that office and Nathan Hochman is the person that I want to see sitting in that seat come November.”

Rancho Palos Verdes Mayor John Cruikshank: “Our city had voted a no-confidence vote with the current District Attorney, George Gascon, because he fails to do the things necessary to enforce the law and to lock up criminals, and we’ve seen an increase in burglaries and crime throughout our community. We want to support Nathan Hochman because he doesn’t put an asterisk next to laws; he’s going to enforce all the laws.”

Arcadia City Councilmember Paul Cheng: “Over the last few years, we’ve had to deal with so many of our residents contacting us and saying, ‘Why? Why is the DA not involved in our communities?’ I’m hoping that in November 2024 that you will support a person that has come into my community and communities throughout Los Angeles to explain what the District Attorney can do and what the District Attorney will do, and that is the reason that I support Nathan Hochman.”

Los Angeles City Councilmember John Lee: “We just can’t afford another four years of George Gascon’s failed policies. We cannot afford to sit on the sidelines. We must get involved.”

Hochman said he was thrilled to receive the support of elected leaders from across L.A. County.

“These leaders come from every corner of the county, with different backgrounds and from across the political spectrum. But they all share something in common: They care deeply about public safety for their constituents and do not want four more years of D.A. George Gascon,” Hochman said. “They are endorsing and voting for me as District Attorney because they know I will bring back sensible prosecution policies to the D.A.’s office. I will partner with prosecutors and law enforcement and be a champion for the victims that George Gascon has abandoned.”

Hochman, a former federal prosecutor, U.S. Assistant Attorney General, President of the City of Los Angeles Ethics Commission and criminal defense attorney, finished a strong second in the March primary, qualifying for the November runoff. Gascon received 25% of the vote, the lowest percentage that any incumbent district attorney has received in a primary in Los Angeles County history.

The elected leaders endorsing Hochman include:

Michael Allawos, City Councilmember of Glendora
Walter Allen III, City Councilmember of Covina
Sandra Armenta, City Councilmember of Rosemead
Austin Bishop, Mayor of Palmdale
Gary Boyer, City Councilmember of Glendora
Bruce Burrows, City Councilmember of Cerritos
Mark Burton, Fmr. Mayor of Manhattan Beach
Michael Cao, Mayor Pro Tem of Arcadia
Kirk Cartozian, Fmr. Mayor of Downey
Eric Chan, City Councilmember of San Gabriel
Paul Cheng, City Councilmember of Arcadia
Margaret Clark, Mayor Pro Tem of Rosemead
Craig Corman, City Councilmember of Beverly Hills
John Cruikshank, Mayor of Rancho Palos Verdes
Hector Delgado, City Councilmember of South El Monte
Fernando Dutra, City Councilmember of Whittier
Dr. Anthony Fellow, Municipal Water Board President of San Gabriel Valley
David Fredendall, Mayor Pro-Tem of Glendora
Lester Friedman, City Councilmember of Beverly Hills
Claudia Frometa, City Councilmember of Downey
Julian Gold, Fmr. Mayor of Beverly Hills
John Harrington, Councilmember of San Gabriel
Tim Hepburn, Mayor of La Verne
Rhonda Hofmann Gorman, City Councilmember of Lawndale
Pat Kearney, City Councilmember of Lawndale
Michael Kemps, City Councilmember of Palos Verdes Estates
Charlie Klinakis, Mayor Pro Tem of La Puente
Peter Kraut, Mayor Pro Tem of Calabasas
John S. Lee, City Councilmember of Los Angeles
Ruth Low, City Councilmember of Diamond Bar
Aurelio Mattucci, City Councilmember of Torrance
Keith McCarthy, Fmr. Mayor of Downey
Denise Menchaca, Vice Mayor of San Gabriel
John Mirisch, City Councilmember of Beverly Hills
Joseph Mollaie, Board Member of South Robertson Neighborhoods Council
Richard Montgomery, City Councilmember of Manhattan Beach
Dr. Sharona Nazarian, Vice Mayor of Beverly Hills
Zein E. Obagi, Jr., City Councilmember of Redondo Beach
Christine Parra, City Councilmember of Santa Monica
R. Rex Parris, Mayor of Lancaster
Dorothy Pemberton, City Councilmember of Downey
Suzie Price, Fmr. City Councilmember of Long Beach
Rick Rodriguez, Fmr. Mayor of Downey
Becky Shevlin, Mayor of Monrovia
Greig Smith, Fmr. City Councilmember of Los Angeles
Hector Sosa, Vice Mayor of Downey
Patricia Tye, Board Trustee Vice-President, Board of Education, Pomona Unified School District
Steve Tye, City Councilmember of Diamond Bar
April Verlato, Mayor of Arcadia
Joe Vinatieri, Mayor of Whittier
Eileen Wang, City Councilmember of Arcadia
Cathy Warner, Mayor Pro Tem of Whittier
Mary Wells, City Councilmember of Beverly Hills
Dr. Sophie Wong, Fmr. School Board Chair of Alhambra
Vincent Yu, Mayor Pro Tem of Temple City

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