Blueprint for Justice: Retail Theft - Nathan Hochman
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Blueprint for Justice: Retail Theft

Blueprint for Justice - Retail Theft

I will instruct my deputies to prosecute “smash-and-grab” robbers to the full extent of the law, rather than send them back to the streets as Gascon has done. This will keep dangerous criminals behind bars unable to reoffend, provide a sense of safety to small business owners and their customers, and deter gang members and others from committing these crimes. When the state makes funding available to fight organized retail theft, I will travel to Sacramento to make sure the L.A. County DA’s Office gets the resources it needs to stop the epidemic of organized retail crime. In contrast, Gascon declined the state’s offer of millions of dollars as “smash and grab” robberies spread throughout the County. Moreover, with my prior experience leading task forces, I will lead the Organized Retail Crime Task Force, set up by Mayor Karen Bass, rather than take a backseat as Gascon has done, not even being invited to the press conference establishing the task force.