Blueprint for Justice: Police Misconduct - Nathan Hochman
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Blueprint for Justice: Police Misconduct

Blueprint for Justice - Police Misconduct

I have incredible respect for law enforcement officers who risk their lives every day to keep us safe. I also will not tolerate criminal conduct by those we entrust to enforce the law. I have been a prosecutor and U.S. Assistant Attorney General working with law enforcement to build cases; I have been a co-founder of the L.A. Sheriff’s Foundation providing needed resources to the Sheriff’s Department; I have defended law enforcement officers in administrative and court hearings; yet, I am the only candidate who has actually personally prosecuted law enforcement officers when they crossed the line (and in that case, stole money and drugs from drug dealers) and cross-examined them as a defense attorney. As a result of these experiences, I have the credibility to assess the cases where police misconduct has crossed the line and must be prosecuted while continuing to have the backs of the overwhelming numbers of law enforcement officers who do their job justly and faithfully every day.